Manchin Really Didn’t Like Being Asked About His Financial Ties to the Coal Industry.

In fact, it could be argued he threatened the journalist who dared bring it up.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readOct 6, 2021


Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post

As I have discussed on a number of occasions, over the course of Biden’s Presidency it’s been incredibly frustrating to hear obstructionist, corrupt Democrats like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin described as “moderate”. The word inherently adds a facade of principles, rationality, and reason, when in fact his actions are based on anything but. Thankfully however, thanks largely to progressive lawmakers finding the courage to bring up his interests with the media, journalists — at least on occasion — are beginning to question his motives. Unsurprisingly, Manchin does not like it. At all.

Considering the fact that a large portion of the reconciliation bill that Manchin claims to be obstructing because of the price tag has significant climate change policy within it, Manchin’s financial ties to the coal industry would be incredibly relevant, would they not? Well, Bloomberg reporter Ari Natter seemed to think so, and Frank Thorp tweeted about the exchange between Natter and the Senator which was documented as follows:

MANCHIN asked by @AriNatter whether an energy company he founded is a conflict of interest as he negotiates reconciliation:

MANCHIN: “I’ve been in a blind trust for 20 years, I have no idea what they’re doing.

Ari: You’re still getting dividends.

MANCHIN: “You got a problem?”

More from @AriNatter RE: the energy company Manchin founded: Your son still owns it, doesn’t he?

MANCHIN: “You’d do best to change the subject.”

“You’d do best to change the subject…”

If that was said by any Republican lawmaker to a journalist, that would be considered a threat and justifiably so. No liberal would stand for it if it came out of the mouth of Ted Cruz, and they shouldn’t when it comes out of Manchin’s either. I’m sure there will be loyal democratic voters who will continue to be twisting themselves into pretzels to defend Manchin, but leave it to him to make it increasingly difficult. Do I think…



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