Major GOP Donors Have Decided to Abandon Trump.

The thing is, GOP voters don’t really care at all do they?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readAug 31, 2021



I would absolutely love never, ever having to discuss Donald Trump ever again. I would love to be able to come to the conclusion that he no longer bears any relevance whatsoever, and insist there are more interesting things to talk about. Granted, oftentimes there certainly are. Considering the fact that he is no longer the President and has been effectively banned from all mainstream social media platforms, there really isn’t as much to talk about regarding Donald Trump as there once was, is there? But the fact remains that he is still the godfather of the Republican party, with more sway over lawmakers than virtually any other figure in right wing circles, and has every intention of running again in 2024. All things considered, it should go without saying that every once in a while, a story about Trump is going to pique my interest.

Recently, one such story involving not just the former President but GOP donors did just that.

Brian Schwartz with CNBC writes:

“Several of the Republican Party’s biggest and most influential donors are signaling that they don’t plan on helping fund former President Donald Trump’s political operation, at least for the moment.

Wealthy financiers such as Stephen Ross and Larry Ellison have instead opted to spend money on the GOP’s efforts to take back Congress during next year’s midterm elections or have shown support for potential 2024 presidential candidates such as Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina.”

Frankly, it’s more funny than anything else.

Leave it to right wing elites to think that Marco Rubio is the man to support who the base could get behind, and the media to report this as though it’s serious.

Do any of these people think that Donald Trump’s supporters — the overwhelming majority of the GOP base — cares in the slightest about a candidate like Marco Rubio? Do any of these people think that they have any interest in having “little Marco” shoved down their throats as the candidate of choice? But hey, it’s always interesting to see villains struggle to understand or deal with the monster they created, isn’t…



Lauren Elizabeth

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