Let’s Talk About What’s Actually in the Manchin - Schumer Reconciliation Bill.

Yeah, it’s not great.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readAug 5, 2022


AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Especially when it comes to politicians like Joe Manchin, it should go without saying that the American people need to be skeptical. Skeptical of his intentions, and skeptical of his motivations when it comes to legislation he is willing to support, or destroy. So, what exactly is in this supposedly “landmark” agreed upon legislation he has signed onto after talks with Chuck Schumer?

Well, even if the media hasn’t, Manchin’s been more than happy to tell us. In fact, he went on FOX News to brag about what the legislation actually does.

“You’re not going to be able to do anymore offshore or onshore wind or offshore solar unless we’re absolutely doing more production with drilling and extraction.”

All it takes is a quick google search, and even ‘Offshore Mag’ will tell you too.

Their staff writes:

“…Under the Senate version of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the federal government would be required to hold oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

In addition to nearly $370 billion to fight climate change, the legislation would require the Interior Department to hold previously planned — and canceled — lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico, including one that was slated to happen in March, according to the 725-page bill released on Wednesday.

The measure would also effectively reinstate the Gulf of Mexico lease sale that was held last November but was later invalidated by a federal judge. That ruling had found that the government did not sufficiently examine the climate consequences of the lease sale...”

Ah yes, that “landmark” climate change legislation that effectively mandates the federal government allow oil and gas companies to drill on our public lands. The “landmark” climate change legislation that reinstates a lease sale a federal judge had previously put a stop to because the consequences to the environment hadn’t been sufficiently examined.



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