Let’s Talk About Kyrsten Sinema’s Latest Bipartisan “Accomplishment”.

It’s exactly what you would probably expect.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readSep 3, 2021


Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA

Of all the Democrats in congress who are more than willing to represent corporate interests, few are more irritating or brazenly hostile to their voters than Kyrsten Sinema. It’s difficult to consider what purpose in a position of power she could possibly serve, other than to be a smug, transparent obstacle to any progress the left might seek to make. That said, she absolutely loves to tout her willingness to work across party lines, and get things done — no matter how minuscule — with the Republican party. While the infrastructure bill has certainly been her baby and has garnered the most attention from the media, her most recent bipartisan pet project did manage to get my attention.

So, what exactly has the Democratic Senator from Arizona been up to?

If anyone was looking for a hint, Kyrsten Sinema’s twitter account posted the following:

“We introduced a bill to ensure veterans, servicemembers, and gold star families receive free annual national park passes.”

The link attached reads:

“Arizona’s senior U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema introduced the Alexander Lofgren Veterans in Parks Act — bipartisan legislation that provides free annual passes to current military members and lifetime passes to veterans and members of Gold Star Families.”

Ah, there’s that favorite buzzword: bipartisan.

In Texas, their state legislature and governor just signed a bill into law that effectively pays their citizens $10,000 to harass and financially ruin any woman who got an abortion after 6 weeks, and anyone who helped her to do so. The Supreme Court, in a move that all but overturns the precedent of Roe vs. Wade, refused to act. Now, the legislation is becoming a model for states across the country. A congress controlled by Democrats, who could effectively codify Roe v. Wade into law at the federal level, ultimately have shrugged their shoulders and given up because lawmakers like Kyrsten Sinema have unequivocally refused to abolish or even reform the filibuster.



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