Let’s Check on Rep. Lauren Boebert in Her New District, Shall We?

Spoiler alert: it’s not going well.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Ah, Representative Lauren Boebert.

It truly always is something with these Donald Trump cohorts, isn’t it?

As many of us have heard by now, Boebert made the decision to switch her congressional district, moving from Colorado’s 3rd to the 4th district. Of course, it was obvious from the beginning what her intentions were. She knew her chances of being reelected were slim, and her desperation to retain power and most importantly the financial benefits that come along with it were paramount for her. So important, in fact, that she made this shameless decision.

As one might expect, it’s not exactly going over too well in her new district.

Thomas Kika with Newsweek writes:

Boebert has faced a chilly reception from voters in the 4th District despite her outsized name recognition compared to her opponents for the nomination. During a recent debate in the district, Boebert was unwilling or unable to define “carpetbagger,” a term for individuals who move to certain areas only for personal gain, when asked. A straw poll of those in attendance at the debate also saw Boebert place fifth among the nine present candidates…

…“I don’t appreciate, as a Christian, people saying they’re Christian to get your vote and then turning out to be a lowlife,” retired university employee Judy Scofield said. “And now I just kind of think of her as a lowlife.”…

…”I will not vote for her. Period,” retired medical contractor Chris Ware said after attending an event at which Boebert met with potential voters at a fairground building. “She’s not one of us.”

Placing fifth out of nine candidates…

Feels safe to assume Boebert is finished, no?

I mean, if we’re being honest, her odds don’t exactly look good, do they?

Goodbye, and good riddance. I look forward to the day we no longer have to worry about someone like Boebert in office. She is the ultimate embodiment of a self serving politician who is not interested in the slightest in doing anything to help the voters of her district. People see right through her, and it was only a matter of time before they did.

One can only hope that eventually, the same will be said of her colleagues.

Having said all that, sheer curiousity has me wondering, well ahead of time of course, what could possibly be next for Boebert. It feels safe to assume she’s burned most if not all of her bridges in the political world, so I wonder what she’ll be end up doing next. Perhaps starting another business? Laying low for a couple years, then running again? Getting involved with other political campaigns? Begging Trump for a job if he gets the Presidency again.

Time will tell.

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