Joe, I really am not interested in arguing anymore.

My point is that I am not going to “work” for a campaign that can’t even act as though they have any interest in winning. I’m not donating my hard earned money or volunteering my limited time to a campaign that doesn’t even have a campaign organization in Michigan. Between work and writing, I work 60+ hours a week. I don’t want to waste my energy on a campaign that is objectively not taking this seriously when my efforts can instead be devoted to trying to make him better. I am not going to shout until I turn blue that we MUST vote for Joe Biden, because the reality is that is not going to convince anyone who hasn’t already been convinced. My energy is focused on pressuring Joe Biden to do more to appeal to the meat and potato issues that the American people care about because we need to get Donald Trump OUT. Why does that make me your enemy? Does that effort not also have its place in the discourse? I have never ONCE told people to vote for Donald Trump. You know who has? JOE BIDEN. Is it really horrible that I use what little platform I have to urge him to improve his strategy?

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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