Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Continues to Plummet.

How does he get reelected?

Lauren Elizabeth


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As virtually anyone who has decided to check in on what’s going on with the upcoming election has discovered by now, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are not exactly where the Democratic Party would like them to be. Of course, it’s not just about the President it’s about how it affects them as well. The president polling so poorly could lead to the election turnout costing them their own elections, and naturally looking at the numbers is bound to make them a little concerned and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, it’s only continuing to get worse.

Julia Mueller with The Hill writes:

President Biden’s job approval rating ticked down again in the latest CNN poll, dropping to 37 percent, a signal that the president’s favor is further eroding as he campaigns for another term in 2024.

Biden boasted approval figures in the 50s at the start of his term, and still had 45 percent at the beginning of this year, according to the CNN polling. The latest figure is down two points from 39 percent at beginning of the month.

Nearly two-thirds, or 63 percent, now say they disapprove of Biden.

The president and his allies have largely shrugged off polling that some point to as warning signs for his reelection bid — as concerns about the economy and other issues continue to circulate.

37 percent approval rating.

63 percent disapproval.

For just a moment, set aside your feelings about Trump. He’s facing his own troubles to be sure, but set aside how skeptical you might be of the fact that he’s going to get reelected.

How is anyone with those polling numbers going to get reelected? How?

Once again, it seems as though Democrats are willingly playing with fire. It’s incredible, really, that they can spend years shouting from the rooftops about how dangerous Donald Trump is, and the threat that he poses to democracy, all the while moving forward with running the one man who is most likely to lose.

Hillary Clinton taught them nothing.

But maybe because they didn’t even think there was anything to learn. They were perfectly content to lose the election. After all, what did it really matter to Democrats in power? They could just spend the next two years talking about how bad Trump is, without having to worry about putting in any sort of effort. If they cared in the slightest, Joe Biden would not be running. Period. The Party would not be behind him, and we all know it.

The Democratic Party cares more about fundraising and convenience than they do about results or what’s good for the American people. Election cycle after election cycle, they continue to prove this is the case. 2024 is no different.

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