Joe Biden, Foreign Policy, and More Lessons He Refuses to Learn.

When it comes to the Iraq War, the former Vice President is not as reflective as some might hope.

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It’s not exactly a secret that I have found Joe Biden’s campaign disappointing. Whether it be his complete lack of self reflection in terms of past poor decisions, or his inability to articulate a clear vision for the nation, his performance in this election cycle has been poor to say the least. While we might hope that the former Vice President and his advisors might take the hint that he has a lot of skeletons in his closet that the modern electorate will have problems with, that unfortunately doesn’t appear to be the case.

The latest and perhaps one of the most disappointing examples of this came just recently, when Joe Biden chose to hire a former George Bush apointee and Iraq War advocate on to his campaign staff.

According to,

Nicholas Burns, who joined the Biden campaign as a foreign policy advisor this week, was an avid supporter of the Iraq War during his time in the George W. Bush administration.

CNN reported Monday that Burns — who was the Under-Secretary of Political Affairs at the U.S. State Department during Bush 43’s administration — had joined Biden’s 2020 campaign for the presidency to drive the former vice president’s foreign policy agenda. Burns also served on the National Security Council in both the Bill Clinton and George H. Bush administrations, and is a professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, according to his LinkedIn profile.”

After the last debate, when questioned Tulsi Gabbard expressed forgiveness towards Joe Biden, and said his regret and sense of reflection is exactly what we need in a leader.

I’m curious if she would carry that same sentiment with her now.

For a man who claims to regret his Iraq War vote, and said during the MSNBC debate that “Bush abused that power”, he certainly has a very funny way of showing that’s how he really feels.

I really am getting sick and tired of critiquing Joe Biden. I’m tired of discovering more and more of his monumental flaws and poor judgement. I am tired of Democrats always wondering why they lose when they make decisions like this. For the life of me, I cannot understand what would possess Biden and his advisors to hire Nicholas Burns. I don’t like conspiracy theories and I think they’re a distracting waste of time, but at this point I almost have to laugh. It’s as if at this point, Joe Biden is engaged in comical self sabotage.

Frankly, voting for the Iraq War alone should be an absolute nonstarter.

Any democratic strategist with any sense asked to come onboard a presidential campaign would see that candidate as incredibly damaged goods. But leave it to Joe Biden and his team to take it even further, and actually hire a man who worked within an administration that actively misled the public and put the lives of teenage boys, men, and women on the line, for a war that destabilized an entire region and resulted in hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths all in the name of profit for defense contractors like Halliburton.

As tired as I am of saying it, I’ll say it again: we cannot allow Joe Biden to take the Democratic nomination. For the sake of the country and planet, we have to chose someone else. Even putting aside his electability chances, what sort of message does this hiring decision send? In all fairness, the same message Joe Biden told his big money donors: “nothing will fundamentally change”.

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