It’s Time to Address the Complicity of White Women.

Why can’t we just do better?

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readMay 18, 2019
Photo via nhstevemacd on Twitter

I don’t think it was a shock to many that all the members of Alabama’s state senate who voted for their recent anti-abortion bill were conservative Christian white men. Images of the faces of these government officials have flooded our social media accounts, igniting the justified and furious conversation about white men’s continued efforts to suppress the rights of women in this country. Efforts that are as old and familiar as the country itself.

In the discussion surrounding the individuals who passed Alabama’s ban on abortions, we cannot forget the individual who signed it in to law.

Photo of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signing the new abortion ban. CREDIT: Governor Kay Ivey on Twitter

Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey had the opportunity to protect the women in her state. She had the opportunity to stand up for the vulnerable, and ensure that no women in Alabama will ever find themselves in the desperate positions they will now find themselves in when seeking an abortion. She had the opportunity to stand up against the men who wrote this law, and keep her people safe.

She had the opportunity, and didn’t take it.



Lauren Elizabeth

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