It Won’t be Easy, but Elizabeth Warren Has a Shot.

She has the potential to be a catalyst for change, if we make her message known.

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It’s so refreshing to have a few true fighters on the left in political office, and Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is undeniably one of them. Her steady rise in the polls is a clear indicator that the democratic base appreciates focus on substance and progressive policy proposals, and she has been able to position herself exactly where she needs to be at this early point. Currently, she polls around third place in the crowded field of hopefuls.

Imagine where she’ll be once she takes the debate stage.

The fight that helped launch Elizabeth Warren’s political career was against not just the credit card companies, but the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden as well. A recent report by Vox examined their vehement disagreement over the 2005 bankruptcy bill. According to Warren and other likeminded individuals, the bankruptcy bill was simply designed to add more unnecessary difficulties for average families forced to declare bankruptcy, and benefit the powerful financial corporations even further. For Biden on the other hand, the bill was a sound compromise that he not only supported, but helped draft. Warren so opposed the passage of this bill, that it inspired her to leave her accomplished career as a Harvard law professsor to run for U.S. senate.

Warren has been a warrior on the frontlines against Wall Street and big finance for years, and seeing her go head to head with Biden once again on the debate stage will be interesting to say the least. Standing next to Warren, who undoubtedly will bring up this bill, is most likely not going to make Biden look pretty. Even putting the banking bill aside, Warren is one of the most policy centered candidates in the race, and will have detailed, plan oriented answers to questions about her vision for the future of the United States.

I don’t deny that Joe Biden will be a very difficult candidate to beat, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that America is moving beyond the era of vague platitudes and “values” messaging, that offer no real solutions or ideas. We saw in 2016 that running with nothing more than a “Trump is bad, vote for me” message will not get democrats very far. While centrists maintain that simply beating Trump must be the main goal, I would argue that choosing a candidate with strong policy proposals is the way to do just that.

So how can we continue to amplify Warren’s voice, and put her message alongside Sanders and Biden’s at the front of the conversation? It comes down to walking the walk, and actually supporting and donating what we can to the progressive voices. Elizabeth Warren has the potential to be a catalyst for change as President, and deserves our consideration. Warren has a long history of fighting for the American people, and I think she deserves some effort in return.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the 2020 race is that there is no obvious winner. We have strong progressive options this time around who are forcing the conversation to the left, and it’s our responsibility to distinguish them from the rest of the field. I am excited to see the conversations and ideas that take place on the first debate stage in June, and seeing how progressive messages are perceived by the audiences in the days afterwards.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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