It Seems Like Bernie’s Definitely Considering Another Run in 2024.

And I honestly don’t know how to feel about it.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readAug 13, 2022


Let me begin by saying if Joe Biden does indeed decide to run again, the chances of Bernie Sanders running for President a third time are next to nothing. Actually, scratch that. If Biden does run for reelection, there is definitively no way that Bernie will run again.

In that scenario, unfortunately virtually no one is going to waste their time and understandably so, especially Bernie. That’s just the nature of the Democratic primary, really. If Bernie were to run against Joe Biden, especially if Donald Trump is vying to be the GOP nominee again, Bernie’s chances would probably be over before they even started. The mainstream media would be getting their CNN panels and The Washington Post think pieces ready before he even finished the speech announcing his intent to run, and not only that, older, loyal Democratic voters would respond with a ferocity we haven’t seen before. There is absolutely no way that Bernie — after decades in politics already and a wife, children, and grandchildren he would much rather be spending time with during his sunset years — is going to put himself or his family through that.

We’re all tired, and Bernie is, too.


If Biden does indeed survive a primary and is not pressured to step aside, it definitely seems as though Bernie is positioning himself to be the first to announce his intentions to run for the Democratic nomination,

Yesterday from his Twitter account, his team team announced a rally, tweeting:

“Workers in this country are organizing against outrageous levels of corporate greed. We will only succeed by standing together. That’s why next weekend, I’ll be in Philadelphia and Boston to rally with @.Teamsters Pres. Sean O’Brien and @.afa_cwa Pres. Sara Nelson. Join us there.”

Evidently, others are feeling the same way I am.

‘The Bern Identity’ on Twitter wrote in response:



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