Is FOX News Already Appeasing Donald Trump?

The company clearly has not learned any lessons.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 2


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Since before Trump even came down that escalator to announce his intentions to run for President in the 2016 election, the way he has been handled by the media has been troubling to say the least. Personally I’m not going to forget the fact that instead of covering Bernie Sanders’ rally, CNN decided to spend that time with a camera filming Trump’s empty podium instead.

Priorities, right?

But of course it wasn’t just CNN, there was FOX News of course as well and evidently, recent reports would indicate that they don’t really intend on changing course for the 2024 election.

William Vaillancourt with The Daily Beast writes:

“Prior to hosting a town hall event with Donald Trump Thursday in Iowa, Fox News host Sean Hannity vowed not to correct false statements from the former President. “I am not there to debate the candidate. I am not there to argue with the candidate. I am there to ask questions and let the candidate give their answer and let the audience ask their questions,” Hannity said on his radio show Thursday afternoon…”

Well that’s nice.

Mainstream media truly is a cancer, isn’t it? It’s hard not to read things like this without thinking about the role that the privatized corporate media plays in the slow, consistent rot of what’s left of our democratic process. Who cares, so long as they get that ratings bump.

I don’t know if it’s more disturbing or pathetic, but this is exactly the type of approach that we should absolutely consider unsustainable with a functioning democracy. Not only do the American people simply deserve better than this, but you this is absolutely not how you have a healthy election. If a prime time figure in one of the largest media organizations in the country and even around the world simply refuses to even ask a follow up question or challenge the politician at all, how are people supposed to make an informed decision? If this was any other candidate, wouldn’t everyone be livid about this?

If this was how Chris Hayes decided to approach a Town Hall with Joe Biden, FOX News would go out of its way to get their audience enraged about it, and we all know it and quite honestly, there would be justification to that anger. That’s not how this should be done, and they know it. It is unacceptable, but not when it comes to the right wing of course.

I’m so sick of the double standards but if we’re being honest at this point, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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