If You Want Another Trump in the Future, Biden’s Your Guy.

What exactly will a return to normal get us?

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Trump’s presidency has had a funny effect on the democratic base.

I guess living in my own leftist bubble I sometimes forget how so many democratic voters have made a “return to normalcy” a top priority. The nostalgia effect is a powerful thing, and Joe Biden has got it on lock. He has consumed much of the democratic base, who associate him with the days of Obama and Clinton. Days when many of them weren’t confronted with the ugliest side of our country and human nature on an almost daily basis. Many of us understandably miss when we at least knew our president didn’t think wind turbines cause cancer.

The Trump presidency has caused such a feeling of desperation and set the bar so low, that it appears many of us are no longer focused on picking candidates based on policy. Instead, we’re turning to the candidate who we feel simply has the best chance of winning. Again, being in my own progressive bubble, I forget that for many people that means a more moderate, “pragmatic” candidate like Joe Biden.

While I’m almost certain that Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump, we have to pause and remind ourselves that when it comes down to it, this really doesn’t mean anything at all. I’m sure that even though we cannot underestimate the challenge, virtually everyone currently running to be on the democratic ticket has the power to beat Donald Trump.

We have to remember that Joe Biden has been a crucial component in what has gotten us to where we are today. Joe Biden and the politicians like him are what got us Donald Trump in the first place. I would argue that while he may be more “likable” and come off as less elitist, he is nothing more than a further-to-the-right Hillary Clinton. Even if Joe Biden were to secure the democratic nomination and go on to defeat Donald Trump, we have to pause and consider for a second what that could actually mean.

If we do end up electing Joe Biden and go back to the neoliberal status quo, then there is an excellent chance we’ll simply get an even worse version of Donald Trump ten years or so down the line.

Donald Trump rose to power on the coattails of failed neoliberal policies, racism, and economic desperation. None of those underlying issues will go away by electing a bandaid candidate like Biden who wants to pretend that Trump is the illness, not a symptom. Actually defeating everything that Trump represents requires a message of real change, and the policies to back it up.

We don’t have time for Joe Biden.

The election of Joe Biden will be nothing more than a last dying breath of the neoliberal, crony capitalist state, and will likely bring about far more negative effects than positive in the future. We have over twenty candidates, and I’m fairly confident that all of them are better than Joe Biden.

But, Biden is at least partially correct. We really are engaged in a battle for the soul of this nation. We have the power to actually have it stand as a force for good, and enact change that will benefit many and not just the few. That being said Biden is definitely not the man to lead that effort, and I genuinely don’t see how anyone could have a real honest argument saying otherwise. His time is gone, and I hope that most of the democratic voters will eventually see it that way as well.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at LaurenMartinchek@gmail.com or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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