If Ron DeSantis Becomes the Republican Nominee.

The various scenarios are interesting to think about.

Lauren Elizabeth


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I suppose I should begin by saying that as of right now, it’s difficult to see how anyone could pose a significant threat to Donald Trump once again securing the nomination for the Republican Party for the 2024 general election. Having said that, if anyone can it would be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While it’s admittedly very unlikely, there’s a lot that can happen between now and 2024 and the part of me that absolutely loves electoral politics can’t help imagining what would happen to the Republican Party in particular if Ron DeSantis did manage to eek out a victory.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

Well, suffice it to say that Donald Trump would not go quietly, and that’s putting it about as mildly as we possibly can. I’m not sure anyone can genuinely imagine a scene where Trump is graciously conceding, or taking the stage to introduce Desantis at the convention. There is absolutely no world where Trump would do that, and we all know it. Obviously, there isn’t even a guarantee he would concede at all.

Frankly, I think accepting a loss to DeSantis would be even harder for Trump than the 2020 election. Why? Because perhaps one of the few honest things Trump has said in his political career was that he made Ron DeSantis. He is responsible for kickstarting that mans career, and I don’t think DeSantis would deny it.

Trump would burn the Republican Party to the ground before he allowed the monster he created to defeat him.

If Ron DeSantis were to win the Republican nomination, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would run 3rd party, and burying the GOP’s chances for the foreseeable future, which have been looking bleak to begin with. As much as the GOP leadership might despise Trump, they’re as aware of the fact that Trump has solid control of most of the base as we are. Of course they would do everything they can to stop him from a third party run, but I can’t imagine they would be successful.

Ah, we can only hope.

What’s going to make the GOP 2024 primary a bit more interesting is the fact that Trump does not have FOX News enterprise in his corner this time. Murdoch has evidently made it clear to Trump that his political career is over, and has already unleashed the print media against him. While it’s likely not going to prevent him from getting the nomination as of right now, I’m not sure it’s going to be quite as easy as Trump expects it will be.

On DeSantis’ end, if he truly wants to win, the best approach would be to just let Trump talk. Let him exhibit his unhinged frustration, lash out, and do the damage to himself.

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