I Need to See Donald Trump and Chris Christie Debate.

We could all use some quality entertainment.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

When it comes to campaigning, there’s no denying that Donald Trump approaches it like no other. It was the lack of filter, so uncharacteristic for nearly every other politician in the country that endeared him to a base that was in search of a disrupter. Someone to go in there and leave these standard politicians unable to find an answer for him in more ways than one. He’s crude, obnoxious, simplistic, and — much to the chagrin of his targets — they find him relatable.

Well, the latest target is none other than former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. On stage in response to a question, Trump said:

“Christie is eating right now, he can’t be bothered. Sir, do not call him a fat pig…”

Just…everything about it. Even if you don’t see the video of him saying it, you can still almost hear it can’t you? You can hear that infamous cadence and the tone of voice, and even that trademark dramatic pause after he finished with the “do not call him a fat pig”…

Trump is proud of that 3rd grade bully in the body of a 77 year old persona, and he’s clearly never afraid to embrace it.

Setting aside just how genuinely pathetic it is to say this, there was a piece of me that was reminded of just how much I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Christie and Donald Trump debate for the first time. While it’s going to be pure gold to watch Trump end the political career of Ron DeSantis within the first two minutes of a primetime debate, it’s almost going to be even more fun to see the dynamic between Trump and Christie.

Unlike DeSantis, Chris Christie will actually know how to fight back.

Granted, I’m not under the impression that he has a chance to finish higher than third in the primaries, but Christie is probably the only one running against Trump who seems to have any idea how to approach the attack. DeSantis, Pence, Haley, none of them are effective in countering him because they’re unable to come up with a response that sounds even remotely close to how a normal human being would. There’s something about politicians bickering on stage that tends to reveal just how inauthentic and robotic the overwhelming majority of them are, and it’s almost funny to think about the amount of time all of them are going to be spending trying perfect the ultimate scripted response.

They all come across as so careful, afraid of how they’re going to be perceived, and careful is not going to stand out when responding to Donald Trump. Trump will find your weakness, and target it unapologetically, but at least Chris Christie isn’t afraid to give it right back to him.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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