Hillary Clinton Backed Nina Turner’s Top Primary Opponent.

Is anyone surprised?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 17, 2021


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Since the 2016 election Hillary Clinton has not even attempted to hide her resentment, whether it be in regards to the results of the election overall or the fact that someone had the nerve to challenge her for the nomination. A nomination she seemed to feel from the very beginning was rightfully hers, and not one she needed to earn. In the years that have passed since, Clinton has blamed everyone but herself for the results of the election against Donald Trump, ranging from Vladimir Putin to Bernie Sanders. Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders campaigned for her more than she was even campaigning for herself, Clinton has not hid her disdain for the progressive Senator from Vermont, and holds a clear personal vendetta against Bernie and everything he represents.

All things considered, can we be surprised that she endorsed the primary opponent of Nina Turner in her race in Ohio, who was Bernie’s national campaign cochair and top surrogate?

After recent polling showed Turner with a nearly insurmountable lead in the special election for Ohio’s 11th congressional district, Hillary Clinton, of course, decided to back Shontel Brown, her closest opponent.

Frankly, this should be viewed as nothing more than a move made out of pure spite, and quite possibly a kiss of death for Brown’s campaign just like it was when she endorsed Elliot Engel against Jamaal Bowman. We can always count on Hillary Clinton to come out of the woodwork, and stick her nose in where she can to attempt to stop any progress that the left might make within the Democratic party. Why wouldn’t she, considering she despises everything Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner represent?

Incredibly, in response to the endorsement, Brown said:

“I believe we need more leaders in office who are focused on results over rhetoric.”

All that Hillary Clinton represented throughout the entirety of her career in politics was rhetoric, no results. What exactly have Democrats like Clinton aggressively fought for, much less delivered on throughout their careers in recent history? Prescription drug price reform? A living wage? A public healthcare…



Lauren Elizabeth

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