GOP Donors Seem to be Declaring War on Trump.

The memo’s gone out. A line has been drawn.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readFeb 9, 2022


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I’m sort embarrassed to admit part of what attracts me to politics is drama and recently, there has been plenty of it on the right wing. Of course, there’s no denying that while it might be waning ever so slightly, Donald Trump’s support remains strong among the base. But it hasn’t been a secret over the years that there are many among the donor class who thoroughly despise him. For months if not years, there has been talk of division and internal warfare within the GOP. Now it seems, more and more of the donor class are making their views and wishes known.

It’s never been surprising to see someone like Mitch McConnell criticize Trump. He has always represented the most hardline, traditional moneyed interests within the GOP and its been apparent since Trump’s rise that while he would work with him and use him as a tool to get what he needed done, there was absolutely no love between them.

Now though, staunch allies of Trump are appearing more and more willing to criticize him including not just Chris Christie and Lindsey Graham or even FOX’s Brian Kilmeade, but none other than his own Vice President. I have no love for Mike Pence, and I won’t go out of my way to give him credit for stating the obvious. That said, the most interesting aspect of his recent comments regarding Donald Trump and his view that Mike Pence could have overturned the election results was that he’s choosing now, over a year later, to speak out.

We should be asking ourselves: why?

Fascism isn’t good for the markets, and neither are the unstable whims of a man whose approach to politics and lawmaking rivals that of a woefully inept, unintelligent mob boss. Mike Pence isn’t calling Donald Trump wrong or his ideas un-American because he suddenly found a conscience and can no longer sit idly by. He’s doing it because he got a call from some donors who have decided now is the time to begin shifting the tone against the former President, and Pence is the perfect face for that movement.

Trump’s supporters were looking to murder him after all.

The memo has gone out to FOX News and prominent GOP lawmakers: the idea of him being the Republican nominee again is…



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