From Here On Out, Bernie Owes it to Us to be Ruthless.

This is now a brand new primary, and we cannot give up.

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After Super Tuesday, when all is said and done, it appears as though Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden will be close to a dead heat delegate wise once all have been allotted. With Warren now “assessing her campaign”, it appears this is rapidly becoming a two person race.

Now, this is a brand new primary.

There is no denying that Super Tuesday could not have gone much worse for Bernie Sanders, or much better for Joe Biden, but at the same time it’s also important to note that Bernie Sanders is still in an objectively much stronger position that he was in at this same point in 2016, and facing a much weaker opponent who is not prepared for the attention coming his way. While it may have felt like we got the wind knocked out of us in the days leading up to Super Tuesday and in to that night, it’s critical that none of us lose perspective. This is by no means over, and we owe it to Bernie not to give up at this critical moment in the campaign.

At the same time, Bernie owes it to us to be ruthless.

No more calling Joe Biden his friend. No more waiting to be attacked before bringing up his opponents record. No more playing nice with people who are doing everything they can to thwart not only him, but his movement as well. We don’t have time for that anymore, and the stakes are far too high. There is no denying that Bernie was far more comfortable attacking Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg than he was attacking Joe Biden, and Biden was counted out far earlier than he should have been. Mistakes are bound to be made throughout the course of a crowded primary election, but fortunately it appears that Bernie and his team have learned from them and are responding accordingly.

Today, Bernie said: “Joe is going to have to explain to people all over the country why he was on the floor of the Senate time and time again talking about the need not only to cut Social Security, but Medicare and Medicaid and veterans’ programs.”

The Bernie Sanders who ran in 2016 would never have dreamed about saying something like that, and his words reinforce the notion that the energy around his campaign is entirely different this time. This is the energy of a winning campaign that isn’t about to go quietly in to the night, and knows they have a real shot at making history. Bernie knows he owes it to us to continue to fight, and there is a very long way to go. From here on out, Bernie’s surrogates need to go back to the policy based attacks on his record that worked in Iowa and New Hampshire. Not only that, but we also need to hammer in the narrative that the entire reason the candidates that rallied around Biden ran in the first place is because they saw how weak of a candidate he really is.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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