Elizabeth Warren Was One of My Favorites, but Now?

I might be changing my mind.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 2, 2019


Photo via Elizabeth Warren on Instagram

There are no heroes in politics.

As much as we might wish there was a politician that we could fully trust, I’ve learned to keep my expectations low. I’ve followed politics from the time I was a kid, and if anything was ever clear to me it’s that Washington D.C. has a tendency to consume even the most principled of people. Maybe that’s why I like Bernie Sanders so much. Even though there is no such thing as a politician with a perfect record, he’s always stood out to me as someone who really does try and advocate for the greater good to the very best of his ability.

At one point, I thought Elizabeth Warren did, too.

But then I thought about Standing Rock.

She was so quick to claim even the smallest percentage of Native American roots, and a background within a marginalized community. And then in their time of need, when it mattered most, she didn’t even go and stand with them in solidarity. Instead, she simply fell silent.

Elizabeth Warren has shown a tendency throughout her political career to disappear whenever it counts, and the 2016 election was no exception. Why wouldn’t Elizabeth Warren endorse Bernie Sanders — a fellow progressive — during the primary season? Her endorsement before the vote in her home state of Massachusetts could have made all the difference for him there, and would have sent a clear message to the voters about where she stands and what direction she wants the country to move towards.

Yet she didn’t say a word.

She threw Bernie and the progressive base under a bus for what I imagine where purely strategic reasons, and left him high and dry. But of course, she doesn’t seem at all shy about seeking an endorsement from congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez during her own presidential bid? She’s more than willing to capitalize off of someone else’s political clout, but incredibly shy about sharing any of hers. Not only is that just irritating, it shows a whole lot of nerve.

Perhaps the most troubling indicator of what kind of a leader Elizabeth Warren might actually be was revealed just recently, when she voted in favor of Trump’s overwhelmingly bloated military budget. I can’t…



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