Donald Trump’s Trying to Get the Judge to Overturn the Civil Trial Gag Order.

Why is he so insistent on this?

Lauren Elizabeth


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Well, the saga of Donald Trump’s legal woes continue. It should come as no surprise that the former President remains deeply concerned about the gag order that the judge placed on him, and his team is still doing everything they can to get it lifted.

“…Trump’s comments on his civil and criminal cases have caused thorny legal battles as the courts struggle with putting a leading presidential candidate on trial. Trump has appealed gag orders in two cases: the New York fraud trial and the pending federal election conspiracy trial. Last week, Georgia prosecutors sought to revoke the bond of Harrison Floyd, one of Trump’s co-defendants in a state election racketeering case over his social media posts, but the judge refused…”

The longer this goes on, the more I find myself wondering why Donald Trump is so determined to be able to talk about this case publicly. Of course, the obvious answer is that the hallmark of Trump’s campaign, both in 2016 and 2020, is to make himself a victim. There’s nothing he enjoys more than to be able to tell the base that someone is out to get him. In the middle of yet another campaign, obviously Trump would like to be able to bring it up at his rallies or when he does interviews.

But, I think it goes deeper than that.

Trump knows as well as anyone that his speech is his greatest weapon. He knows it’s the easiest way to keep his base engaged, and he knows how hungry they are to learn about his legal woes. But most importantly of all, he knows what his supporters are capable of and the lengths they’re willing to go when he’s able to tell them just how he’s being wronged.

Trump doesn’t care if he gets a lawyer or their family hurt. He doesn’t care if he gets a judge killed. He doesn’t care if someone gets threatened, endangered because someone who supports him decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands. That’s just a necessary evil. Part of doing business, and it’s clear Trump has come to two conclusions:

  1. Talking about the trial will help him get the Republican nomination.
  2. If he gets reelected, there’s no way he gets found guilty in any of these cases.

It’s just that simple and unfortunately, he’s probably correct.

We all know the order isn’t going to get lifted, and for obvious reasons. But that’s not going to stop Trump from trying and so long as it remains inthe headlines in some form or fashion that he’s fighting this and is able to portray himself as the victim, the base will continue to rally.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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