Donald Trump’s Latest Target? Nancy Pelosi’s Husband.

The former President is mocking the fact that he was brutally assaulted.

Lauren Elizabeth


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If there’s anything we’ve come to know about Donald Trump over the course of his tenure not just in politics but in the public spotlight in general, it’s that he’s not exactly known for his filter. One of the most glaringly obvious aspects of his style that endears him to the Republican base is that he has the perception of saying whatever’s on his mind. That certainly has not changed, and Donald Trump made that clear in his recent speech in front of California Republicans. Not only was Nancy Pelosi onhis list of targets, but her husband was as well.

Antonio Pequeño IV with Forbes writes:

“…Trump said he would “stand up to crazy Nancy Pelosi“ if reelected president, asking a crowd of supporters, “How’s her husband doing by the way?” and saying a “wall around her house” didn’t do a “good job” of protecting her 82-year-old husband from an intruder who fractured his skull with a hammer during a break-in last year — prompting laughter from the crowd…”


As is so often the case when it comes to things like this, I find myself asking what the narrative would be like if the shoe was on the other foot. What if these roles were reversed?

Could you imagine if it was a Republican lawmaker whose spouse was assaulted by a rabid supporter of their political opponent, and this was how their political opponent decided to handle it? Could you imagine how Trump’s sons would react if it was their family being talked about like this? Once again, the uneven playing field and the differences in narratives when it comes to Republicans and Democrats are glaringly obvious, and it’s maddening.

I have no love for Nancy Pelosi or her husband. I despise them and everything they represent within American politics. But it’s just incredible to me that no one bats an eye about a former President of the United States mocking the elderly husband of his political opponent getting beaten with a hammer. In all seriousness, that’s what fascism looks like. The normalization of this kind of violence is incredibly dangerous, and we all know it. We’ve come to expect this type of behavior with today’s Republican Party, and no one really bats an eye.

Donald Trump’s actions and rhetoric have literally gotten people killed, but there’s still no hesitation on his part when it comes to this. He is not wired to take any responsibility or accountability for his actions, and it feels as though it only gets worse and worse with time. The further entrenched he gets as the sure leader of the GOP, the more bold he gets. Trump is far from the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s got that mob boss mentality and he’s proving he’ll certainly continue to be a threat.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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