Donald Trump Has Launched $400 Gold Sneakers.

Because of course he has.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

Trump’s reeling.

At least, when it comes to his court cases.

As things have begun to unfold the former President is now being ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, and has even been barred from running a business in the state of New York for three years. But of course, that hasn’t stopped the grind of the reelection hopeful.

Now, Donald Trump has launched $400 gold shoes.

Nathan Rennolds with Business Insider writes:

“…Former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at “Sneaker Con” in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Trump took to the stage at the event, which describes itself as “the greatest sneaker show on Earth,” to launch a new line of $399 gold high-top sneakers.

The shiny gold “Never Surrender High-Tops” features an American flag on the back and is emblazoned with a capital “T” on the side.

They are available on a website selling Trump cologne and other Trump-branded shoes. The site says that only 1,000 pairs of the high-top sneakers will be made…”

Well…I suppose it should come as no surprise that he’s always thinking of something I guess, right?

It’s kind of hilarious, if we’re being honest, to see this side of Trump. This is a man who wanted so desperately to remain President just four years ago that he incited a riot that nearly got his Vice President killed. And now here we are, fast forward, and Donald Trump is launching limited edition $400 sneakers.

Should come as no surprise though, really when you think about it.

I mean, this is a man who’s using tens of millions of dollars of his campaign funds to deal with his legal issues, so of course he’s going to scheme up some quick way to get eyes on things that his supporters will want to buy. And we all know those 1,000 sneakers will be gone quickly.

Having said all that, setting aside the objective amusement of it all, when you really stop and think about it…doesn’t it just feel…sad? Gross?

This morning as I was scrolling quickly through my social media feeds, I saw yet another video out of Gaza. It was an injured baby. Younger than two years old, lying on the floor of a hospital. He was obviously absolutely terrified. His source of comfort was reaching for and clinging to the pant leg of his more seriously injured and equally as terrified older brother. While they were tending to his older brother this baby continued to wail, not letting go of his brother’s pant leg.

But then here we sit in the United States, with a leading Presidential candidate proudly launching a pair of $400 sneakers.

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