Democrats Just Let the Child Tax Credit Lapse.

They are trying to lose.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readDec 19, 2021


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Democrats are blowing it.

At this point the ineptitude and unwillingness or inability to do even the bare minimum for their voters is becoming so brazen I’m not sure even their most ardent of supporters could honestly deny it. It seems as though we are hearing new stories about their decisions to “shelve” yet another campaign promise multiple times a week, and it’s difficult to listen to their increasingly pathetic excuses without coming to the conclusion that they may as well be actively trying to lose. Among the campaign promises they ran on and proceeded to abandon was making the child tax credit permanent, except now we’ve learned not only are they refusing to make it permanent, it’s set to lapse imminently.

Ah yes, the very same child tax credit that lifted 3 million children out of poverty. Nothing says a winning strategy for the party that supposedly represents the left quite like allowing those 3 million children to slip back into poverty.

We should be absolutely embarrassed.

I’m getting tired of saying that Democratic lawmakers deserve the historic loss they have coming in 2022 and 2024. I get no joy in the thought of the Republican Party retaking control for at the very least the next decade, and having that time to solidify their grip on power. But when Democrats allow 3 million children to slip back into poverty, am I supposed to be rooting for them?

It’s incredible, isn’t it, that lawmakers and pundits seem to be at a loss as to why more and more people are electing not to have any more kids, or any kids at all? Why should that be surprising, considering how little this country does to help them? Surely they should be able to look at the cost of childcare alone, and understand why.

The thing is, this is merely another example of what happens when our lawmakers are too insulated from the reality of their constituents. If our lawmakers were making the minimum wage and then expected to pay for childcare out of pocket or even afford to have a child at all, you can bet that the child tax credit would never, ever be lapsing. What do they care if a mother is now devastated and furious about having to worry about the cost of putting food on the…



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