Democrats Are Warning Sen. Joe Manchin About Running For President.

As if that means anything.

Lauren Elizabeth


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As has been widely reported at this point, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has decided he is not going to seek reelection to the Senate. But of course, even before this decision was announced Manchin has also been very public in his consideration of running for President. It should come as no surprise, though. Manchin has relished in his ability to give his middle finger to the base, and frankly show the entire country just how little he thinks of him. While he might be many things he’s certainly not unintelligent, and Manchin knows exactly what he’s doing.

Of course, Democrats are now reportedly warning him about a potential run for the Presidency.

Alexander Bolton with The Hill writes:

“Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) flirtation with a third-party presidential bid after announcing his upcoming retirement from the Senate is sparking anxiety among Democratic senators who warn that Manchin would make a big mistake if he challenges President Biden.

Democratic lawmakers say that if Manchin runs for president as an independent, it will hurt Biden’s reelection chances and could result in what they view as the nightmare scenario of electing Donald Trump to a second White House term.

Democratic senators were less concerned about a potential Manchin presidential run a few months ago, when they thought he was still likely to run for another Senate term…”

Oh, where to begin…

Do his fellow Democrats genuinely think that Manchin doesn’t know?

Do they really think he’s not fully aware of what his run could potentially mean for Trump and Biden? And of course, it’s not as though this decision is coming from any place of principal, or because he has something unique to offer. He sees the polling. He knows he’s not popular. He knows his message isn’t either. Manchin’s not running to win, or form some kind of path for the other supposed “moderates” like him.

When people tell you who they are, believe them. If Manchin does this, it’s because he would rather see the Republicans succeed as opposed to the left. Frankly, it’s slightly pathetic that his Democratic colleagues have failed to realize this, and even if they did they would never acknowledge it. No matter what he did or how much he could give them the middle finger at the end of the day, I struggle to imagine many of them having the courage to call Manchin out for what he is.

Maybe because, at least on some level, a lot of them feel the same way.

It always comes down to money and power, and following the moneyed interests will always benefit these lawmakers more than benefiting the people they have been elected to represent.

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