Dear Democrats, My Human Rights Aren’t Your Fundraising Opportunity.

Will Democrats actually do something, or just send emails?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 29, 2022


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Nancy Pelosi’s response to the death of Roe vs. Wade has been weighing on my mind heavily lately.

A poem.

She actually read a poem.

In response to the loss of our right to bodily autonomy, Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful person in the House of Representatives, just stood in front of the cameras, read a poem, and said she hoped that the Supreme Court would open their eyes.

If you’ve ever donated to a politician running on the Democratic ticket, open your email. Open your email, go to the spam folder, and I guarantee you won’t have to scroll for more than a few seconds before finding an email from a Democratic lawmaker or, in my case, from the fundraising office of Nancy Pelosi herself.

The email I got on the 25 of June read:

“I need your immediate attention.

Trump’s Supreme Court just ruled to rip reproductive rights away from every single woman in this country.

I don’t say this lightly, Lauren:

How we act TODAY will decide the future of reproductive rights.

We can either sit back and admit defeat to these far-right extremists…

Or we can RISE UP, meet this ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION moment, and marshal a response so HISTORIC that we make every last anti-choice Republican REGRET what they’ve done. Please, Lauren, I’ve never needed your support more than today. Can you chip in $15 so we can WIN these midterms and finally codify reproductive rights into law? >>

Lauren, this isn’t a normal fundraising email.

And a normal response won’t suffice.

Tomorrow morning, Republican operatives will look at our results from THIS EMAIL to see whether strong Democrats like you are fired up.

If we post the same run-of-the-mill numbers, McConnell and McCarthy will think they can get away with ANYTHING.

So Lauren, I’m asking you to step up in this moment of crisis…”



Lauren Elizabeth

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