Corporate Democrats Have Revealed Exactly How They’re Going to Try to Kill the Reconciliation Bill.

It’s all about leverage, and they’re already threatening to use it.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readAug 12, 2021


Ed Case, via Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo

As many of us on the left have been suspecting virtually since the talks for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and reconciliation spending plan began, corporate Democrats would find a way to try and kill it. I haven’t been able to shake the sinking feeling that it was going to be used as nothing more than a means by which corporate democrats can get progressives in the house to vote for the infrastructure bill, and nothing more. Well, as expected, here we are, and corporate Democrats have revealed exactly how they plan to kill it.

RollCall reporter Lindsey McPherson tweeted:

“I’m hearing that at least 8–10 moderate House Democrats are privately expressing willingness to vote against the budget resolution if Pelosi does not schedule a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill first…This comes as Pelosi reiterated on a Democratic Caucus call Wednesday her plan to hold the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the Senate passes a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.”

McPherson then linked to her article with names of lawmakers who were on the record, ready and willing to engage in this sort of tactic.

Unfortunately, this is as predictable as it is absolutely infuriating.

Make no mistake, what these lawmakers are asking for is to pass their bill first so they can kill the reconciliation one afterwards, and they’re using their leverage to ensure this is the outcome. I’m not sure there is a single person who could genuinely deny that. The only reason they want the bipartisan bill first is so they can ensure they get what they want, and then deny progressives their end of the deal. Yet another slap in the face. It’s that simple, and should be treated as such.

Pelosi, much to my genuine surprise, seemed to make it explicitly clear that she intends…



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