“Come on, Bernie…”

Once again, Bernie Sanders has corporate Democrats clutching their pearls.

Lauren Elizabeth
5 min readAug 7, 2022


Bernie Sanders via Natalie Williams/VTDigger

I have been a supporter of Bernie Sanders since the spring of 2015. I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room in college, taking an isidewith quiz just for the hell of it when I first discovered who he was and where he stood on the issues. I had never heard his name until then. He was polling with a grand total of 3% of the vote in the Democratic primary at the time, and it’s difficult to even know where to begin when considering not only the roller coaster of the movement he started, but the impact he has had on me personally since then.

I would not be writing about politics if it weren’t for Bernie Sanders.

The very first time I ever voted, I voted for him. His was the first political campaign I ever donated money to. It was the first time I ever volunteered for a politician as well. He helped shape my worldview. He taught me and so many others within my generation what it means to be involved in and fight for something so much bigger than ourselves, giving us hope when we saw none. While no politician is ever above criticism or has a perfect record, there is absolutely no denying that Bernie Sanders is as principled and genuine as they come.

From the beginning, part of what I found so endearing about Bernie Sanders was his gruff, somewhat grumpy persona and delivery of his message. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I still love it. Recently, we’ve been seeing that frustrated attitude that resonates with so many on the floor of the Senate, where Bernie once again picked a worthy fight. This time, he wanted to get some better provisions in the — as he put it — “so called” inflation reduction act.

Merdie Nzanga with USA Today writes:

“Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized his party’s Inflation Reduction Act, saying it does not do enough to fight inflation.

“The so-called Inflation Reduction Act that we are debating this evening, and I say so-called by the way, because according to the CBO and other economic organizations that have studied this bill, it will, in fact, have a minimal impact on inflation,” Sanders said on the Senate floor Saturday…”

In the Senate’s overnight vote-a-rama, his offered…



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