Child Labor Laws are One of the GOP’s Latest Targets.

Of course they are.

Lauren Elizabeth


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If I had one word to describe the GOP, exhausting would certainly be up there. Calculating, dangerous, and craven would all be obvious choices as well, but there really is something about the right wing’s model that is absolutely designed to simply wear us down. It’s the relentless nature of the way they operate. They’re constantly coming from multiple angles giving us a number of things to worry about, starting a wide variety of ridiculous conversations that we can’t even begin to keep up with, and they simply do not stop. There’s always another target on their list, and it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all.

Well, we’ve now got something else to add to the list and of course, that would be child labor laws.

VOX reporter Ellen Ioanes writes:

“Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders approved a bill on Tuesday eliminating a requirement for children under 16 to obtain state documentation in order to work. The new Arkansas law is just one of a number of state bills loosening child labor restrictions, despite evidence that young children are already engaged in dangerous and exploitative labor throughout the country…”

Keep in mind that this is the party that has decided it’s going to paint itself as the protector of children. Warriors against pedophiles, and groomers. You would think they might be against exploitation and dangerous working conditions for minors if they cared as much as they claim to, but that would mean lawmakers like Sarah Huckabee Sanders possessed a moral compass.

For these lawmakers, corporate profits will always come first.

They know this means cheap labor. They know this means young people will be exposed to dangerous working conditions. But what do they care? None of that matters, because the corporations and lobbyists who fund and push for these types of efforts will get exactly what they want. And then there’s the fact that they know exactly who the kids are that this is going to impact, and it certainly won’t be theirs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is all too aware that her children and the children of the people she’s close with won’t be affected by this law. It’s going to be the poor kids. The desperate kids, who will be taking these jobs so that they can help their parents make rent or put food on the table.

End stage capitalism at its finest, right? ‘Merica, baby.

It’s incredible just how shameless these people are, and it’ll be fascinating to watch them attempt to spin this in some sort of positive fashion. They love to remind us how much they hate us.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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