Biden’s Administration is Resuming Student Loan Payments.

As if it wasn’t already likely they were going to lose in 2022.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readDec 14, 2021


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As I’ve said before on what feels like countless occasions now, the only promise Biden decided was worth keeping was to a room full of wealthy donors, when he told them nothing would fundamentally change. Of course, Biden and his administration have evidently decided to once again remind the American people of this reality, and announced that student loan payments that had been stopped due to the pandemic — which continues to rage — would be resuming once again in February.

Megan Henney with FOX Business writes:

“The Biden administration still plans to resume federal student loan payments at the beginning of February, rejecting a push from other Democrats to extend the pandemic relief program for millions of borrowers.

Asked Friday whether President Biden intended to extend a payment freeze that’s poised to expire in February, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the administration has no plans to do so and is instead focused on ensuring a “smooth transition back into repayment.”’

At this point, it feels as though Democrats are actually hoping to lose the House and the Senate.

I mean, what other conclusion can we come to? What else are we supposed to think when at a moment when Democrats are already slated to lose in a historic fashion in 2022, and this is how they choose to proceed with that knowledge? Not only is Biden refusing to cancel $10,000 in student loan debt as he said, he’s now subjecting millions of people — many of whom are just barely getting back on their feet in the midst of the pandemic or haven’t even been able to do so already — to repay this predatory debt.

Liberals among the voters and pundit class alike might not want to hear it, but it is an irrefutable fact that millions of people are going to notice that their student loan payments stopped under Donald Trump, and resumed under Joe Biden. While I highly, highly doubt many, if anyone at all, who voted for Biden would turn around and vote for Donald Trump because of this, whether they come out again to vote for Biden is another story.



Lauren Elizabeth

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