Biden Announced the Cancellation of Federal Student Debt For Another 153,000 Borrowers.

Credit where credit is due.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Well as we all know, Biden’s in full campaign road.

It’s election season, and the President is beginning to act as though he and his team know they’re in the midst of one of the most pivotal election years in recent history. Conveniently of course, they suddenly remember what it means to look like they’re interested in helping the American people.

Aamer Madhani and Collin Binkley with The Associated Press write:

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that while a college degree was still a ticket to a better life, that ticket is often too expensive, as he announced he was canceling federal student loans for nearly 153,000 borrowers.

Biden, who is in the midst of a three-day campaign swing through California, made the announcement as part of a new repayment plan that offers a faster path to forgiveness, putting the spotlight on his debt cancellation efforts as he ramps up his reelection campaign.

“Too many Americans are still saddled with unsustainable debt in exchange for a college degree,” he said from a local library, before he went on to campaign-related events. Loan relief helps the greater economy, he reasoned, because “when people have a student debt relief, they buy homes. They start businesses, they contribute. They engage.”…”

Well, I suppose we should begin by saying credit where credit is due.

There are 153,000 people whose lives are being changed for the better. People who might finally be able to buy a new car, save for their dream home, or decide they’re financially able to start a family. This decision impacts not just these individual people, but can have a lasting impact on their families that will leave it’s mark generations down the line.

And yet…

Every time it’s announced that theBiden administration has made one of these moves, I find myself wondering why it didn’t happen sooner, or why it can’t just be done for more people. Why are we continuing to play these games? Why do politicians insist on flirting with people’s livelihoods like they’re nothing more than a campaign prop?



Lauren Elizabeth

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