Beto & Buttigieg: Skepticism of the Mainstream Media Darlings

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readApr 6, 2019

As the Presidential election season approaches it seems as though every day, Americans are scrolling through their Facebook and news feeds to discover that yet another democrat is running, preparing to take on Trump in the 2020 election. As we look at the ever-growing list of potential democratic nominees, the task of giving each candidate an honest chance and looking through their policy proposals and records seems daunting. A few of the candidates however, are of course standing out more than others.

Beto O’Rourke became a household name in the 2018 midterm elections, shocking the world when he ran an incredibly close Senatorial race against powerful Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. Unsurprisingly to some I’m sure, Beto has decided to run with his newfound popularity and recently added his name to the list of Democrats vying for a chance at the White House.

Young, handsome, and energetic, the mainstream media has been captivated by Beto from the very beginning, which I’m sure was a large factor in his decision to run for President. His grassroots efforts during the Senate race coupled with the poll numbers made him an incredibly interesting and refreshing candidate for democratic voters in Texas and around the country.

After his policies took center stage nationally, it was clear that Beto was not everything he claimed to be. While he undeniably would have been an incredible improvement for Texas, his policies and records were pretty unimpressive to say the least. His voting record was centrist at best, and his pockets have since been lined with money from pharmaceutical companies and oil companies. He does not pretend to be in favor of radical change to improve our climate health like the Green New Deal, but simply going back to the Paris Climate Accords instead. Disappointingly, he has also continuously walked back his support for Medicare for All.

With his name now in the spotlight and the mainstream media eagerly pointing to him as a frontrunner, there is no more hiding the fact that Beto is frankly just an empty shell. When asked by GQ magazine why he has decided to run for President, he offered no substantive response about issues that really mattered to him, and why he thought he was the best one to lead the charge to fix them. Instead…

Lauren Elizabeth

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