Bernie Sanders Says No Reconciliation Bill, Then No Infrastructure Deal.

Let’s just hope he sticks to it.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 29, 2021


Natie Harnik/Associated Press

After months of waiting, Biden’s proposed “bipartisan” infrastructure bill with the GOP and conservative democrats was as lack luster as many of us on the left expected it to be. Frankly, it was even worse. When a Senator from Biden’s own home state of Delaware announced they were working on an $800 billon compromise to the $2.2 trillion that Biden originally laid out, needless to say it was a pretty dismal sign of what was to come and the size of the bill that was actually supported by the President. Of course, we didn’t even get the $800 billion and instead, Biden and his group of Senators pranced in front of the cameras to announce they had reached a tentative deal that amounted to less than $600 billion in new spending.

As syndicated journalist and former top Bernie Sanders advisor David Sirota pointed out:

“If this was a dark-comedy apocalypse film and this was the crew trotted out promising to save the world, the movie audience would laugh”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

AlL that aside, it didn’t take long for

Joe Biden — the supposed F.D.R. 2.0 — to reveal his true colors once again. After assuring skeptics of the deal that Democrats would get what they truly wanted in terms of Green New Deal type climate action in the form of a reconciliation deal without Republicans that would be signed at the same time as the infrastructure bill, it didn’t even take Biden a day to walk back his comments. Thus, as is the Biden fashion, the entire deal was predictably botched on both ends, with the GOP no longer trusting him and most importantly, the left either.

Among those on the left who is at least rhetorically refusing to budge on a reconciliation bill is none other than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who has now warned Joe Biden and Joe Manchin publicly that there will be no infrastructure deal without the reconciliation bill attached to it.

While I’m admittedly far too cynical to get my hopes up just yet considering how the fight over the $15 minimum wage devolved, this is undeniably a good…



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