Apparently Trump Wants Pence Investigated For…January 6th?

Because of course he does.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readFeb 7, 2022


Photo via Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP

As many issues as I might have with the Democratic party, obviously there’s no denying the sense of pleasure I get from watching the Republican party devolve. Even after losing the election and subsequently his social media presence, Donald Trump has still made it his mission for the American people to know he will go to his death bed genuinely believing the 2020 election was stolen from him, and that there’s no way he could have possibly lost. Even now, he still continues to wage war on anyone or any entity that might be countering that narrative, and none other than his Vice President Mike Pence is caught in the crossfire.

Bess Levin with Vanity Fair writes:

“…In a characteristically febrile, grammatically offensive statement disseminated on Twitter, Trump once again claimed that Mike Pence “had this right” to change the outcome of the election, and that “the Unselect Committee should be investigating…why Mike Pence did not send back the votes for recertification or approval.” (As an aside, he boldly asserted that if Nancy Pelosi had “taken my recommendation and substantially increased security” at the Capitol, “there would have been no ‘January 6’ as we know it,…”

Obviously, I have no love whatsoever for Mike Pence.

But as I stumbled across this story and read what was said, I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that a number of the rioters there on the 6th of January were chanting “hang Mike Pence, hang Mike Pence”.

Is it really far fetched to believe that at the very least, maybe a couple of them were actually looking to cause harm?

There were people there on January 6th, and still today, who are out for blood. There are still people who believe with every fiber of their being that Mike Pence is a traitor to the nation for simply fulfilling his ceremonial duty, and would like to see him pay for not simply “betraying the country” in their eyes, but betraying Donald Trump.

Mike Pence probably has triple the security detail any typical Vice President would have because of the man he shared the ballot with.

There is little left to say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said before. We know he is a narcissist. We know he is interested in the well being of no one other than himself. We know the lengths he is willing to go just to preserve his image. And yet, every once in a while, I still find myself being caught off guard by his callous disregard not just for reality, but for the lives and safety of other people.

Every once in a while, it hits me that he was the man leading us through the first year of a global pandemic thats killed millions of people. Every once in a while, it hits me at how utterly unprepared we are for the fact that there is a very good chance he could win re-election.

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