Apparently NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Misses the GOP’s Tea Party.

I mean…I just want to know why.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Well…Democrats genuinely never learn, do they?

Time and time again, one of these lawmakers will come out of the woodwork to make a comment that reminds the American people who they really are, where they stand, and why they can’t really be counted on for anything. Politicians never cease to disappoint, and they’re never exactly shy about it either, are they?

In an article centered around comments made about the GOP’s handling of the immigration crisis, Austin C. Jefferson with City & State New York writes:

“…Hochul and other top New York officials like New York City Mayor Eric Adams have characterized the crisis as a federal issue. Unfortunately for them, a federal solution collapsed in Congress due to GOP infighting, even after the Senate appeared to reach a border deal with major concessions from Democrats.

“I miss the Tea Party,” Hochul said. “I miss John Boehner, I miss people that you could actually work with and get things done.”

She blamed former President Donald Trump’s sway on the party, even while out of office, for torpedoing a deal that could have brought relief to New York and other states accommodating the migrant influx. Democrats say Trump opposed the deal because it would have helped President Joe Biden politically…”

Missing the Tea Party?

Surely, she can’t be serious.

Governor Hochul is many things, but I wouldn’t say unintelligent is one of them. Hochul is smart enough to know that the Tea Party was the roots for what the right wing has become today.

What does she mean, they could be worked with?

The people in the Tea Party built their careers on being obstacles, and simply vehemently hating Obama. We all know this. Hochul knows this. And yet here we are, with yet another politician shamelessly insulting the intelligence of their voters.

And then, of course, there’s the added insult of the fact that politicians like Hochul would much rather talk about how much they miss the Tea Party than work with anyone who’s actually on the left. They love the right wing for more reasons than one, and it always becomes crystal clear with reasons like this. There’s not a doubt in my mind that she would rather work with someone in the Tea Party than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, or any member of the squad for that matter if we’re being honest.

It’s actually exhausting, really.

And yet, no one around Hochul will bat an eye. No moment of pausing, or self reflection. This is simply par for the course in today’s Democratic Party. The Republicans have always been that convenient excuse. It’s all nothing but a game to them.

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