AOC has a warning for Democrats, and they should probably listen.

But will they?

Lauren Elizabeth


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The aftermath of the Democrats’ loss of the Virginia gubernatorial race has been exactly as one would have expected. Nevermind the fact that progressive lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weren’t even asked to send an email involved with Virginia’s election, somehow they’re still being blamed for the loss. Like clockwork, we can always depend on the narrative being spun to imply the party is moving too far to the left, conveniently ignoring how incredibly popular policy proposals that the left fights for have become. Regardless, I might add, of political party. All that being said, thankfully AOC has decided to take it upon herself to do what she can to shift the narrative. Instead, she argues, a lot of the problems ahead for the democratic party lie with failure to deliver.

In regards to the build back better act in an interview with The New York Times, AOC argues:

“…I think that if we pass the Build Back Better Act as the House passed it, that we have a shot to go back to our communities and say we delivered. But that’s not to say that this process has not been demoralizing for a lot of folks, because there were enormous promises made. Not just at the beginning, and not just during the election, but that continued to be made.

And this is where I have sounded the alarm, because what really dampens turnout is when Democrats make promises that they don’t keep.

With the bipartisan infrastructure plan, there’s all of these headlines going around. And I understand the political importance of making a victory lap. But I think that the worst and most vulnerable position we could be in is to over-promise and under-deliver…”

Over-promise, and under-deliver…

That’s the essence of the democratic party, isn’t it? I mean, unless — as Hillary Clinton did — they decide to simply start out their campaign by telling you what they cannot do for you.

If nothing else, it’s incredibly refreshing to at least hear that there’s someone in Washington D.C. who is echoing the sentiments of their base, and viewing the problem through the same lens. When the democratic party continues to over-promise and under-deliver for election…



Lauren Elizabeth

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