Alarm Bells Should Be Going Off Regarding Biden’s Campaign Strategy.

It’s feeling like 2016 all over again.

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In an attempt to garner enthusiasm and support for a campaign that has undeniably been struggling, Joe Biden’s team has announced a series of task forces with the expressed purpose of joining the left and the conservative among the democratic party ranks to generate policy proposals that will appeal to voters. While there’s no denying that the former Vice President has made much more of an effort to at least appear to be reaching out to Bernie Sanders’ base, his campaign has made other decisions for the approaching election strategy that have at least raised my own personal alarm bells.

Joe Biden is struggling with Latino voter support, and is doing little to correct it.

Yahoo reports:

“…Biden’s primary campaign had a distant, if not “tense,” relationship with Latino voters as he not only neglected to reach out to them but never quite rectified “his connection to the Obama administration’s aggressive deportation policy,” Politico reports. Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee “in spite of, not because of” his Latino outreach, Politico writes, but more than 20 Latino political operatives say his luck may not hold in the general election.

Around 32 million Latinos are expected to be eligible to vote in the U.S. this fall, making them the largest nonwhite voting bloc in the country. Their votes are especially valuable to Biden in potentially flippable states such as Arizona and Texas. But the Biden team doesn’t seem to be acknowledging this fact. “I do not think that the Biden campaign thinks that Latinos are part of their path to victory,” Jess Morales Rocketto, the former digital organizing director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, told Politico.”

If there is no attempt to correct this, then it’s all but guaranteed that Donald Trump will see a second term. It’s been frustrating to say the least to see the Democratic Party bungle every single opportunity for electoral success that’s handed to them, to the point where the conspiratorial part of my mind is convinced that it’s by design.

For far too long, the Democratic Party has coasted along on the notion that “well, at least we’re not as bad as the other guy, so voters really don’t have any other choice.” They have grown far too accustomed to the idea that they don’t have to work for anyone’s vote, and it shouldn’t surprise me that they don’t feel they need to work to earn Latino support either. Trump put kids in cages, after all. Unfortunately, it was under Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s leadership that three million people were deported, (the vast majority of whom were latino) and that’s something none of us should forget let alone members of their own communities.

As voters, we have a responsibility to continuously push our politicians to do better, and take action that’s representative of our best interests. Joe Biden owes it to the Latino community to put forth an effort. In their decision to crush Bernie Sanders Democrats have already cost themselves any hope of generating enthusiasm from young people. It should go without saying that they can’t risk doing the same with one of the largest demographics of voters in the nation. A demographic that democrats will rely on just as much if not more than young voters.

I can’t shake the feeling that one way or another, this election is shaping up to be 2016 all over. Yet again, democrats have selected a lack luster candidate with unnecessary baggage and an unwillingness to do what it actually takes to win an election. As inevitable as an upcoming loss might feel, so is the idea that Bernie Sanders and his supporters will still receive the blame if it does indeed turn out that way. No matter how many alarm bells are raised, or how loud we shout from the roof tops, our voices continue to fall on deaf ears, and it’s difficult to even wrap my head around the consequences come November.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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