Addressing the Democrats’ Latest Healthcare Proposal.

I have never resented the Democratic Party more than I do right now.

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From the time that I learned to read at five years old, I have used writing as my primary outlet in order to express myself. For as long as I can remember I have relied on it as much as I have the air that I breathe, and I truly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. As I sit down at my laptop at six in the morning to begin writing my thoughts about the congressional Democrats’ latest healthcare proposal before I go to work, put on my mask, and face another day terrified at the thought of getting myself or one of my residents or coworkers sick, this is the first time in a very long time that I’m struggling to put the amount of rage and frustration I’m feeling in to palatable words.

In the midst of a rapidly spreading global health crisis that has brought the economy to a halt and resulted in mass unemployment in it’s wake, the corporate wing of the democratic party in congress released their idea of a healthcare proposal to mitigate the damage. While Bernie Sanders has spent his career fighting for the idea of a universal single payer healthcare and his supporters have been pointing out en masse that we are living in the the most clearcut case for this plan we’ve seen in modern history, the democratic party apparently had a different idea. Congressional democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi have released their own plan to expand COBRA, and pay for premiums under that plan as opposed to expanding Medicare or Medicaid.

Donald Shaw at The American Prospect writes:

“Democratic leadership in Congress, none of whom are among the 118 cosponsors of the Medicare for All Act, have embraced a different approach. The leaders are planning to include a measure in the next coronavirus package to expand subsidies for the COBRA health insurance program, allowing people who lose their jobs to keep the same insurance plan that their employer had made available to them…

…The Democrats’ proposal mirrors a recommendation put forward recently by the health insurance industry. Less than a week before the Democrats floated their plan, the presidents and CEOs of Blue Cross Blue Shield and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the health insurance industry’s top lobbying group, sent a list of policy proposals to Congress including a recommendation that it provide full federal subsidization of COBRA premiums.

While House Democrats are generally more open to expanding government health programs than the Republicans, the Democrats’ campaign arm has deep financial ties to the for-profit health insurance lobby.

So far in the 2019–20 election cycle, lobbyists who represent the health insurance industry have raised more than $736,000 for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the campaign arm of House Democrats that works to protect incumbents against Republican and progressive challengers. The contributions from health insurance lobbyists make up nearly a third of all the bundled lobbyist contributions the DCCC has reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) this cycle, and many of the lobbyists have bundled checks for the DCCC in previous cycles as well.”

At a moment when a significant portion of Americans have lost their jobs, their insurance for not just themselves but their immediate families, and been brought to their knees financially, Democrats are proposing our taxpayer dollars pay the premiums and in essence bail out the insurance companies rather than even expand Medicare of Medicaid let alone implement a single payer system, better known as Medicare for All.

It’s safe to say I have never resented the Democratic Party more than I do right now.

As if it wasn’t infuriating enough to see Nancy Pelosi gleefully showing off her two $11,000 dollar freezers full of ice cream, ask the American people for donations to help her defeat her primary challenger at a moment when over 20 million of us have lost our jobs, and determine that the crisis we find ourselves in doesn’t warrant congress being called back in to session until May 4th, this was the cherry on top of the rot that pervades throughout the Democratic party. Frankly, I have never been more convinced that the Democratic party is beyond hope, and they’re worthy of being fought against with as much fervor as the Republicans.

Not only is this proposal yet another battle line being drawn in the ever more blatant class warfare that continues to be waged against the American people, it’s proof of the fundamental misunderstanding of what’s brewing across the country. The right wingers driving up and down the streets in their cars demanding to get back to work so they can provide for their families are just the beginning. The country is a ticking time bomb, and with proposals coming from democrats like this one, riots in the streets are only growing more and more likely. Whether it’s in a few weeks from now or a few months, they WILL be coming if there isn’t a rapid change of course. But frankly, the democratic party’s behavior has me at least partially convinced that maybe letting it all burn down isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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