According to Steve Bannon, Ukraine is Just a “Concept”.

Oh. Really?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Andrew Kelly | Reuters

It’s difficult to even know where to begin when considering the wave of emotions I and I’m sure countless others have been feeling over the past few days watching as the Russian military moved in on Ukraine. At this point, I can’t help feeling that there is no side to take other than that of the innocent people on the ground in Ukraine, whether they’re displaced with no where to go, or sheltering in the train stations below the city of Kyiv. My heart is also with the brave Russian people who are being attacked and arrested by police on the streets of Moscow for protesting the invasion, and demanding an end to a war they do not support. People who will also be affected by devastating sanctions due to a conflict they want no part of. I am of Eastern European descent, and it genuinely hurts to see this region I’ve always felt connected to being plunged into yet another period of unnecessary turmoil and instability.

Not everyone feels that way though, and it should come as no surprise that none other than Steve Bannon had a few things to say about the matter.

On his War Room podcast, Bannon said:

“Ukraine’s not even a country. It’s kind of a concept. It’s not even a country .. It’s just a corrupt area that the Clinton’s turned into a colony where they can steal money out of.”

It’s kind of a concept

Yesterday, in the Black Sea south of the city of Odessa, a Russian warship approached Snake Island where 13 Ukrainian soldiers were stationed. The soldiers were ordered to stand down.

Their response to the Russians was translated to: “go f*ck yourself”.

The island was bombarded, and all 13 are now being held prisoner.

Last night, I watched a video of a young Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his little girl whom he was sending on a train with her mother to safety, while he stayed behind to fight. It absolutely broke me to see someone in that kind of unimaginable pain.

As the individual who shared the video so astutely and bluntly put it, war hurts, and war is heartbreaking.



Lauren Elizabeth

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