I will never forget what our outbreak was like, and the Governor needs to be held accountable for hiding what his policies caused.


Recently, after weeks of mounting allegations, a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo was recorded admitting that his administration had covered up the real death toll in New York State nursing homes, withholding data because they feared federal investigations after mandating that nursing homes accept Covid positive patients.

I work in a nursing home in New York State so for me, a story has never felt so personal.

I am a certified nursing assistant and activities aide, fortunate to work in one of, if not the top rated nursing homes in the entire area, and I genuinely cannot imagine working…

“How are we gonna pay for that?”

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Of all the ways the most powerful and wealthy nation on Earth chooses to spend its money, the staggeringly bloated and frankly insulting amount set aside for the military is arguably the most frustrating. Only adding to the frustration is the fact that President Joe Biden has proposed a military budget of $753 billion, a 1.7% increase from last years. This from a man who, citing cost, vowed to veto Medicare for All legislation if it ever crossed his desk. Money he evidently instead feels should be given to the Pentagon, which can’t even pass an audit.

And yet, unsurprisingly…

It’s been a series of legislative wins in the Empire state.

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For anyone who follows United States politics at all, it’s no secret that the state of New York is among the most representative of the institution, the machine that is the Democratic party and the corporate interests that shape it so extensively. That said, in recent weeks, there have been a series of legislative wins for those among the more progressive wing of the party. After years of promising to do so and falling short, my state finally voted to not only legalize marijuana, but expunge past convictions and concentrate the majority of the wealth expected to be generated by…

Congress allocated the money, but Biden has the power to submit a revocation request.

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Throughout the entirety of Trump’s Presidency, one of the single-most controversial aspects of it that Democrats latched onto was how he handled the southern border. Whether it be his administrations explicit policy of separating children at the border, the conditions within ICE detention centers, or the fact that one of his most outspoken promises on the campaign trail was to “build a wall” and make Mexico pay for it, it should go without saying that there’s certainly good reason for the Democratic Party to take issue with his approach to migrants crossing the border.

That said, it’s an irrefutable fact…

If he continues to uphold the filibuster, the Senator from West Virginia is ensuring his party will lose for the next decade.

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It doesn’t take long when following politics to realize that loyal Democratic voters do not like when their politicians are criticized, no matter how much their actions — or lack thereof — warrant it. But I have long subscribed to the idea that accountability and integrity transcend the party line, and questioning a politician or their motives should not stop just because they have a D next to their name when they’re casting a vote or participating in the Sunday morning talk shows. …

Apparently “cancel culture” is only an issue when it comes to Dr. Seuss.

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Through recent years in particular, as their popularity on the national level continues to dissipate while the country grows more diverse and liberal minded, conservatives have been making increasingly more desperate attempts to remain relevant and keep their power. The blatant efforts of voter suppression in Georgia certainly come to mind when one considers the depths Republicans will go in order to preserve the institutions that have allowed them to keep office rather than adapting to changing times. …

Manchin continues to flex his power for all the wrong reasons.

Axios on HBO

I’m not sure even the most ardent supporters of the Democratic Party would be able to deny that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has been a thorn in the side of virtually progressive policy goal since Joe Biden took office, and arguably even before. One can’t help considering his behavior over the past few months without getting the sense that he genuinely gets a thrill out of his newfound power, and using it to act as essentially the de facto President, positioning himself as a deciding vote in order to prevent bare minimum policy proposals like the $15 minimum wage…

The Senate Majority Leader says he’ll move forward with or without the President.

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With the newfound unilateral control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, it should come as no surprise that Democrats have been expected to deliver on policy proposals that they would not have been able to accomplish otherwise, among them being the cancellation of student loan debt and the legalization of marijuana on the federal level. After Democrats failed to deliver on the $15 minimum wage in the Covid relief package, I’ll be the first to admit I have been very cynical about what we can come to expect from the Democrats during these two years.

“But other than that, Happy Easter!”

Source: BBC

After being effectively banned from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in the wake of the January 6th riots at the Capitol Building, I’m sure there is no one who likes former President Donald Trump being cut off from his favorite tool of communication with the public less than Donald Trump himself. After all, social media platforms were his tool of choice to bypass the media, and foster his own narrative while garnering the attention and approval from loyal supporters he has spent arguably his entire life craving. …

Referring to a minor who is a victim of sexual assault as a woman is a deliberate, horrifying choice with clear intentions behind it.

Anna Moneymaker/The New York Times

It seems as though every day there’s a new development in the story surrounding Congressman Matt Gaetz and the recently reported allegations of sexual misconduct. Gaetz and a few other Republican officials in the state of Florida are under investigation for allegedly seeking women out online and having sex with them in exchange for cash payments.

Gaetz’s accuser was seventeen at the time.

Personally, from the very beginning of this still developing story, what continues to hold my interest is how Gaetz and even some members of the media have referred to her.

When addressing the allegations in a television…

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