I will never forget what our outbreak was like, and the Governor needs to be held accountable for hiding what his policies caused.


Recently, after weeks of mounting allegations, a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo was recorded admitting that his administration had covered up the real death toll in New York State nursing homes, withholding data because they feared federal investigations after mandating that nursing homes accept Covid positive patients.

I work in a nursing home in New York State so for me, a story has never felt so personal.

I am a certified nursing assistant and activities aide, fortunate to work in one of, if not the top rated nursing homes in the entire area, and I genuinely cannot imagine working…

There are no excuses.


There are certainly a number of reasons to find the Trump administration reprehensible, and be genuinely glad that Donald Trump no longer holds the office of the Presidency. Frankly, I’m sure I’m not alone in getting a sense of satisfaction that he is going to be spending the rest of his life thoroughly convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from him. It’s exactly what the man whose lack of leadership abilities was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths deserves. …

As usual, the West Virginia Senator wants to serve as an obstacle.

Oliver Contreras-Pool/Getty Images

It’s no secret that I find West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin among the most frustrating of Democratic lawmakers in Washington D.C., and for reasons too numerous to mention. But perhaps what infuriates me so much is that no matter how much I might want to prevent myself from giving him the attention he so clearly craves as one of the Senate’s most conservative Democrats, he makes it so difficult to ignore his antics. …

Facing pressure, the Biden administration has shifted their position in regards to ensuring other nations are vaccinated.

Evan Vucci/AP Photo

It’s important to acknowledge necessary steps in the right direction, and the Biden administration made one in finally deciding to back waiving Coronavirus vaccine patents to make them more easily accessible to developing countries. Personally, I found the news that pharmaceutical companies saw their stock prices plummet as an added bonus. …

With politicians, we always have to question the motive behind their actions.

Pool photo by Melina Mara

In the fight over the future of the Republican party that’s been taking place arguably ever since Donald Trump decided to campaign for the Presidency, it’s been fairly clear that the former President has won the fight. Unfortunately for Wyoming’s Representative Liz Cheney, the future of her leadership position within the House Republican party appears grim after she decided that she refused to go along with the lie that Trump had the Presidency stolen from him. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, the most powerful Republicans in the House, are apparently backing my Congresswoman, Elise Stefanik, to replace her.

Cheney has…

Video has surfaced of the President making a clear and necessary promise he still has yet to keep.

Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune

With Covid cases continue to surge around the world and India setting a record number of cases seemingly every single day, the Biden administration has been facing mounting pressure to use its authority to waive vaccine patents as the majority of the Democrats in the House call on him to do so, and for obvious reasons. Apparently, his advisors are split, with some arguing he has a moral imperitive to act and others incredibly making the argument that they shouldn’t do it because they don’t know for certain if it will affect the global supply.

My guess is, as is…

Healthcare should not be privatized, and I wish the President felt the same way.

Chip Somodevilla/Pool via AP

It’s no secret that among all the issues that have drawn me to politics, there are few I feel as passionately about as healthcare. It was the issue that drew me to Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the middle of 2015 when he was polling at 3% nationwide, and interests me even more now than it did then. …

“Calling on congress” is not enough to get things passed.

Melina Mara / The Washington Post via AP, Pool

I should begin by saying there are pieces of Biden’s recently proposed legislation that I wholeheartedly support, some of which I would even argue do not go far enough. For instance, given the resources this nation has there is no reason why Biden’s proposal for free community college should not be expanded to free college across the board for everyone who chooses to go. Still, when those of on this left bring this up, loyal Democratic voters tend to bring up the fact that in this political climate that’s just not realistic.

But then, shouldn’t we ask ourselves why that…

There’s no way she’ll win the California gubernatorial race, but she’ll certainly get the media attention she’s after.

Caitlyn Jenner, via Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

After weeks of expectations, socialite Caitlyn Jenner announced her run for Governor of California, following a successful recall campaign against current Governor Gavin Newsom. While the media has certainly enjoyed engaging in speculations about her intentions to run and been interested in how this campaign plays out considering Jenner is a trans woman running as a Republican, it’s admittedly been difficult for me — and I’m sure for others as well — to even take it seriously.

For one thing, since the announcement as Politico pointed out, her campaign has gone dark. No issues page on her campaign website, there…

Republicans have no shame.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Republican lawmakers have effectively been forced to choose sides in a deep split between the old guard in the party represented by the Mitch McConnell’s and the Liz Cheney’s of the party, and the new guard who found a leader in Donald Trump. Among those who recently felt compelled to at least rhetorically adopt more populist messaging and make clear to their constituents that they were in Donald Trump’s corner was Marco Rubio. …

Lauren Elizabeth

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