I will never forget what our outbreak was like, and the Governor needs to be held accountable for hiding what his policies caused.


Recently, after weeks of mounting allegations, a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo was recorded admitting that his administration had covered up the real death toll in New York State nursing homes, withholding data because they feared federal investigations after mandating that nursing homes accept Covid positive patients.

I work in a nursing home in New York State so for me, a story has never felt so personal.

I am a certified nursing assistant and activities aide, fortunate to work in one of, if not the top rated nursing homes in the entire area, and I genuinely cannot imagine working…

I’d like to know how he’s going to get members of his own caucus to vote for it.

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On a number of occasions in recent weeks, I have not hesitated to express my frustration with the Democratic party’s handling of the infrastructure bill. While we might lay the blame on Senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, I will admit that far too often I forget to bring up someone who certainly holds at least equal blame: the leader of their own Senate Democratic caucus, Chuck Schumer. …

The manufacturing of consent is a powerful tool.

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Throughout the 2020 campaign in particular, I was told by a number of my more critical readers that I am oftentimes too negative, and have expectations of our lawmakers that hardline Democratic voters — older ones in particular — find unrealistic. But being a 26 year old — stuck smack dab in the middle between millennials and Gen Z — who works in a nursing home during a pandemic, frankly it’s become almost impossible not to be angry at times when considering everything my generation and our children stand to lose.

For one thing, there’s the climate catastrophe looming ahead…

Let’s talk about why.

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After the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg led to the Republicans ramming through yet another Supreme Court pick one week before the election, I’m sure many of us were grappling with the significance of the ramifications such a right wing supreme court on the country for decades to come. While we continue to process and see how this could affect everything from climate change legislation to voting rights, the court recently made a decision to uphold Obamacare that left many of us surprised. That is, until we look below the surface.

The 7–2 decision, with only Justice’s Alito and Gorsuch…

Is anyone surprised?

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Since the 2016 election Hillary Clinton has not even attempted to hide her resentment, whether it be in regards to the results of the election overall or the fact that someone had the nerve to challenge her for the nomination. A nomination she seemed to feel from the very beginning was rightfully hers, and not one she needed to earn. In the years that have passed since, Clinton has blamed everyone but herself for the results of the election against Donald Trump, ranging from Vladimir Putin to Bernie Sanders. …

Putting forth legislation that won’t pass unless the filibuster is reformed just to “prove a point” means nothing.


For months, the filibuster and what Democrats should do about it has been at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to American politics, and for good reason. With virtually any meaningful legislation containing priorities of the left and the Democratic party voters set to die in the Senate unless the filibuster is done away with or significantly reformed, the pressure from the left to take action has certainly been increasing to make changes. …

How’s that working out so far?

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If anyone was curious about what the Senate Minority Leader is up to, John Nichols with The Nation published an article detailing Mitch McConnell’s intentions should the right wing reclaim the Senate in 2022. The article discusses a recent interview on the radio with Hugh Hewitt, during which McConnell responded to questions regarding what they would do when it came to the Supreme Court, and vacancies in particular.

Predictably, McConnell said he had no intention of allowing Biden to fill a supreme court seat vacancy in 2024. As for 2023, not even an election year, McConnell’s response was:

“we’ll have…

And the theatre continues.


If the Democrats are good at one thing, it’s excuses. Excuses that oftentimes we can see coming before they’re even used, and the events of recent weeks and months have certainly been no exception since the party gained unilateral control back in January. Most recently, the excuse has been Joe Manchin, the conservative West Virginia Senator who those of us on the left have been arguing is merely a face to a broader obstructionist movement within the party to getting substantive legislation passed. As expected, it was recently reported that a number of Senators have been quietly supporting him behind…

And they’re even more outrageous than you might imagine.

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As I’ve been saying on an even more frequent basis lately, it’s been getting more and more difficult to prevent myself from sinking entirely into cynicism, fatalism, and despair when considering the future my generation and the ones who come after us stand to inherit. Of course, among one of the leading reasons why things feel so considerably bleak is the climate crisis that continues to go largely unaddressed, with the planet rapidly plunging towards a state that would not be able to support human life. …

Time will tell, but it looks like progressive Democrats are ready to put up a fight.

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It’s no secret that time is beginning to run out during this legislative session for Democrats to accomplish much before they all prepare to focus their energy on re-election campaigns. That is, unless they are willing to nuke or significantly reform the filibuster in the Senate. But with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema more than happy to be the face of a broader obstructionist movement within the party and ensuring unnecessary gridlock, Republicans have been more than happy to dictate the Democratic agenda when we don’t even have to let them. …

Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at LaurenMartinchek@gmail.com or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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